The Milk Moon is real. It is May’s full moon, representing a period of renewal and abundance. The name itself can evoke other things: mystery, purity, magic. For these reasons, it captured the spirit in which siblings Bryan and Dawn Koh (co-founders of Chalk Farm) conceptualized their new cake shop. That the venture’s first seeds were sown some time in May is a happy coincidence.

The moon in the logo, designed by Bryan Koh, is burnt orange, broken by black branches and blossoms, bringing a different energy that represents the cake collection itself: luscious and playful yet sharp and chic. There are the chocolates and caramels that cradle, the kueh of Southeast Asia that comfort, and contemporary cakes with Asian fruits, spices and herbs, inspired by Bryan Koh’s writing expeditions around the region, that hope to enchant.

Highlights from the Milk Moons’ Cake Collection include pandan adzuki cheesecake; pandan berry lime cake, four layers of pandan sponge with lime cream and fresh berries; pandan inti cake, a pair of pandan sponges with candied coconut filling and gula Melaka cream; and mandarin whiskey cake, made with whole mandarins and bourbon whiskey.

Milk Moons is located in Takashimaya Food Hall, Unit B208-5, while Dawn studied in Le Cordon Bleu. It is true that the concept for this cake shop in May.

Bryan Koh
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Ginny Ng